Thursday, January 23, 2014

Working on this...

Too cold to work outside, so I have been able to devote some time to my art.
I am on a bowling league, and have to leave soon. I hope I get to finish this tomorrow.
Blues seem to be more difficult for me to work with. I think it may be the amount of pigment in the darker shade.

I love the fact that Spectrum Noir Markers come in packs of color families. Don't know what I would do without my color chart either!
Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Floral

I decided to do another floral, since I wanted to do something, but was not ready to do the ZIA on my previous piece. I may just leave it as is...thanks NC.
This one is a rose from Mable Ringling's Rose Garden in Sarasota. I took several pictures last Fall, and thought they would come in handy some day. Well, that day was today.
I am enjoying this process. Using the Spectrum Noir blending marker to add texture seems to work for me.
I am also discovering that I enjoy the less realistic look of the flowers. My art is usually very "tight", and realism has always been my aim. I need to relax and enjoy, not stress and become frustrated. I don't know how many paintings and drawings I have left undone because I was not happy with the way they looked.
This is so much FUN!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
Come back soon!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something I've Been Working On...

I wanted to post something so you can see how I am progressing with my artwork.
Yesterday was Art Group.  I have been so inspired by my friend Donna who insisted I attend the group. Her enthusiasm and ideas have fueled me. Along with the artists who attend, she has given me the courage to step out and be who I am.
I love her for being there for me.
Before I attended Art Group, I took some pictures of the Mandevilla growing near my front door. I downloaded them onto my tablet, grabbed my art satchel and headed down to the activity center.
After drawing with pencil and then marker, I did most of the coloring today at home. I used Spectrum Noir Markers and a Micron Pen.
I am not done, however.
My plan is to do some ZIA (Zentangle® Inspired Art) with the Micron, adding interest to the background. If I mess is up, at least I have this photo to remember it.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you will be back to see the finished work.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby Nora

Nearly 1, Nora is my third granddaughter.
My daughter sends me pictures and videos, almost daily.
 I love her for that.
I drew this at the Art Group meeting last week. I am just starting to get back into my art.
I have lived here for almost 6 years, and have spent virtually no time doing any kind of Fine Arts.
Up to now I have been creating cards and holding paper craft classes.
You can find my sister site in the bar
This piece was done on a simple sheet of copy paper with a 2B pencil. I really didn't think it was going to turn out as a keeper, since it was my first endeavor in ages.
However, I am pretty happy with it!
I hope you will return to see more. Please follow me if you like, so you can watch me improve (hopefully).