Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ZIA Shoes for My Grandaughters

Aren't these cute? I was walking around in Hobby Lobby before my trip up north to see my daughter and her family, when I came across these white shoes on favorite way to shop!
Nora loves shoes, so I thought they would make a perfect gift for the two little girls.
I used Micron pens and extra fine Sharpies.  I tried to incorporate things they like...cats, ducks, lizards, get the idea.
This pair is Nora's  I especially like the way the lacy edge came out.
I also made a pair for my granddaughter Molly, who is six. Hers are lime green.  She put them on as soon as she got them.
This type of art is referred to as "ZIA".  It stands for, "Zentangle Inspired Art."
So much easy.
September is here...on to Fall!

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  1. Oh, Bev, these are fabulous! Wonderful zentangle art and the ruffle is magnificent. :-D Hugs, my friend.