Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reference Photo 2 Ways

While on a field trip with our local pastel group,
I took some photo references. I was hoping
 to get at least one I would love...and I did!

It turned out that I had a couple of opportunities to
put this picture to use. I don't know...I guess it's 
that one big flower that got me.

First, I did an alcohol marker drawing.

 I drew the Coreopsis with a fine tipped marker.

I then began the process of coloring it 
with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, 
using my favorite shading and texturing techniques.

 Here is the final piece.


I needed to finish a piece for the upcoming pastel show, "Wings and Wildflowers". 
Using the same reference, I did a 13 x 23 inch piece on pastel paper. 

I began with the basic background and lights,
using some of my harder soft pastels... 

then, when I added some darks, the lights began to pop.

My finished piece.

Thanks for go create something that makes YOU happy:
A drawing
A painting
A cake
A pot of soup...

and Enjoy the process.

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