Monday, January 8, 2018

A Love for the Past

"Thoughts of Love" featuring Gecko Galz 

Gecko Galz Products I used in the above card:

Hello and welcome to my studio.

It's a fresh new year!  We all have a clean slate...a chance to start again. 

In my life, and here on my blog, I have found the need to spend the next year being as purposeful as possible.

As I pondered this idea, I came up with some questions for myself. Here they are:

"What am I passionate about?"
"How have I been gifted?"
"What can I share that my family, my friends, and my followers need?"

After giving these matters some thought,  I concluded the following...First, I am passionate about the past. I am drawn to historical fact and fiction. Stories of times past draw me in...causing me to explore further. Historical sites intrigue me. I realized that I also enjoy saving and repurposing items from the past...making them useful once more, if only as décor in my home.

Secondly, I am an artist. I have been told I have an innate sense of design. I am thankful for several wonderful teachers in my younger years, who have helped hone my gift. 

These two facts bring me to the final conclusion that I can share my designs and art with those who might share a love for the beauty of our past, or who are just discovering how history is reflected in our own lives. 

So here we go! My year will be focused on using historical references to create not only art, but repurposed items which have a history of their own. I will endeavor to give them new life, new purpose. 

This excites me!  My work will not be all that different from years past, but will definitely be redefined and more purposeful. I have been self-directed toward a definite purpose. 

Items I repurposed on the above card
Aluminum drink cans (flowers)
Necklace (flower centers)

If you find that you are also looking for a directed purpose, I hope you will take a few moments to ponder the questions, 

1. What is my passion?
2. What is my talent?
3. What can I share that others can use?

Let me know what you come up with!

I hope you enjoy what you experience here this year.

Cheers to 2018!


  1. How lovely, Beverly. I am so enjoying the vintage elements shown in bolder, more vibrant colors! Gorgeous!

  2. Love your post, and your card! and thanks for the things to ponder on!

  3. this is quite lovely. i look forward to seeing more of your art with historical influence. happy new year! xo