Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Design Team Call!

Hello Everyone!

I just want to share this with everyone who may be interested:

This is Jan Marie from Flourishes and We have several job openings. 1. Senior Design positions- These positions require excellent coloring skills, great layouts. and up to date on new techniques. I am looking for 3 or 4 top notch designers. Expectations, a post every day of release. Our release begins the third Sunday of the month when I will show all of the month's releases. Each day following ( Monday - Saturday) all DT members will make a card using the featured set of the day. On every other Friday of the we will have a blog hop where the designers are able to post any set , hopefully of the release. The bennies are, a free set of every set we produce. Senior DTs will also be given a very substantial discount on the store. We have one Aussie and one Canadian and other canadians may apply IF the have access to a US address. Canadian customs have really stung us. I prefer to ship sets via UPS to design members. I will offer non US addresses digital images or polymer. You must have a blog with a good deal of flowers. There are other bennies that we will discuss as the selection process.To apply, if I have not already made you turn and run off, please sent me your name, email addy, blog addy and some of your artwork. I will not be making the decisions alone, but have a group that I have selected to help.

2-Friends of Flourishes: This position will require one card each week and will probably be a challenge or mixed media, Any FOF designer that wants to join in and post each day will receive a set they agree to post of the day's featured card.. Their requirements are the same as above. If we have enough applicants we could form a third group of artists that strictly want to do a tutorial on various mediums.

3- Marketing Director This position requires a background in marketing, have a creative vein, and dedicated to making the NEW Flourishes even better than it was. The MD will work closely with me and the coordinators.

To apply please send me your name, address, email, phone number, blog address and a few of your best cards and a short statement of why you would like to join the Flourishes family. This information should go to flourishes@gccoxmailcom

Last but no least, I am looking for other artists. Lauren Pope has been with Flourishes for 6 years and has been invaluable. Her true love is the ancient art of Icon painting and has really focusing on that art form. She will leave the team in Nov of 2017, but will scale back her work now. She is a single mother and I respect her decision. She will be missed. Our newest artist is Bev Cole. She is also a great artist and does very beautiful florals. She has her own style and I really love her work but don't want to burn her out.
Artists will be contracted "Artist for Hire" and their name will be attached to our logo and copyrighted. That copyright will belong solely to Flourishes.
All our Flourishes team members will be required to sign a legally binding contract.

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